Mobile Stage Hire

A complete, professional, covered 6m x 9m stage for events.  Installed on any surface in two hours,the XLR Mobile Stage is an efficient and cost effective alternative to a ground stage.

  • Complete covered stage solution.
  • Super-fast installation.
  • Arced roof, PA wings and Access Steps included.
  • Easily branded.
  • Versatile and compact mobile trailer.


The XLR Mobile Stage is lightweight and very versatile. As a trailer the dimensions are 10.5m long x 2.55m wide x 3.9m high and it weighs 3500kg. It is highly manoeuvrable making it ideal for locations with space limitations. It can be installed on hard or grass surfaces.


The XLR Mobile Stage is really quick to construct – it can be fully erected within 2 hours of arrival on site. Ideal if you are using it in a town centre or a busy site with time constraints for your build.

Watch this video of the stage being constructed!


Lighting and PA equipment can be attached directly on to the trussing of the stage. It can be attached before the roof is raised, avoiding the need for working at heights. The roof trussing can take 800kgs of equipment and the PA wings can take 500kgs per side. A complete solution!


The XLR stage is designed and built in accordance with The Institution of Structural Engineers Guidance on Design Procurement and use of Temporary Demountable Structures. The Mobile Stage side panels have been designed with a quick release system should the wind speed exceed 70kmph. Health and safety is paramount with our all of our structure installations. All members of our staff are fully trained, adhere to full PPE and follow strict TDS HSE guidelines during installation and removal of Gigtent equipment. As part of every contract a full risk assessment and liability insurance pack will be sent for your peace of mind.

The XLR Mobile stage requires a minimum of 2.75m entrance/gate width and entrance-way roof height of 3.95m to enter a site. A site survey can be offered prior to booking if required.

A green room, back stage or front of house tent can be offered using our structures from our Matrix tent stock. Should you require a crowd cover in front of the XLR mobile stage, an open ended Saddlespan offers a practical and impressive crowd cover. With its Arced shape the Saddlespan roof complements the Arced shape of the XLR mobile stage.

Why Gig Tent?

With over 10 years experience Gig Tent is more than a marquee company. We are your event support team.

Working with events of all sizes our team will ensure we make your event a success. Our team can not only bring your Saddlespans but also additional structures to support your event.


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