Saddlespan Tri-Span

Our Tri-Span event structure is constructed using three Saddlespan S5000’s connected with a Tri-Joiner to create a stunning elegant and versatile event structure.

There is the option to build the Tri-Span on our specially engineered Base-Risers to raise the whole structure up to 1.2 metres from ground level. The ends can be added to close the structure in or left open as a massive free-flow venue.

Add another Saddlespan to create the 4-Y Structure as used in this event in London’s Olympic Park:

Why Gig Tent?

With over 10 years experience Gig Tent is more than a marquee company. We are your event support team.

Working with events of all sizes our team will ensure we make your event a success. Our team can not only bring your Saddlespans but also additional structures to support your event.


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