Festival and Concert Stages

At Gigtent we carry a stock of stage covers and marquees to ensure that your festival or concert goes ahead in style. Our festival and concert stages are based around the Saddlespan and XLR stage products which are both versatile and can produce stunning venues.

Saddlespan Stage Covers

XLR Mobile Stage Cover

Saddlespan Stage Covers look stunning and produce fantastic lighting and acoustic effects.

All of the Saddlespan models can be customised and designed to suit your event needs.


We stock both Saddlespan S5000 and the smaller S2000, both of which are typically used as main stage covers, bar covers or VIP areas. They can accommodate stage sizes of between 10 metres up to 16 metres.

Further Details on Saddlespan Stage Covers

We love the XLR Mobile Stage for its versatility, good looks and quick installation times. Perfect for town centres, parks, anywhere! It’s in and up in 2 hours.

The XLR Mobile Stage provides a covered stage area of 9m x 6m and the raised roof is 6.2m from the ground.

When the PA wings are added to the stage, it becomes another 1.5 metres wide on each side, making the stage just over 12 metres wide. The PA wings can be used for hanging a line array PA system (Max weight 500kg per wing) and for advertising and branding space.

Further details on the XLR Mobile Stage Covers


As part of our event packages Gigtent can bring additional marques to act as VIP areas, bar space, front of house and much more. Our Matrix Modules come in Square, Hexagon and Diamond shapes and can easily be bolted together to provide excellent space.

If you have a festival or concert planned then please contact us and we’d be happy to put a quote together. Simply complete the contact form or call us on 01223 870935
Why Gig Tent?

With over 10 years experience Gig Tent is more than a marquee company. We are your event support team.

Working with events of all sizes our team will ensure we make your event a success. Our team can not only bring your Saddlespans but also additional structures to support your event.


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Festival and Concert Stages

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